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At A’s we take pride in Restaurant and Catering.  With serious philosophy we pride ourselves on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients so you can rest assured that our menu selection is filled with only the most delectable fare.  


A’s Event Planning is much more than a tasteful menu; it’s about our promise that you will receive only the best service from our experienced and passionate staff. Whether you want to create a memorable event or just order lunch for a business meeting, an Event Menu Coordinator is here to serve you!  We can provide buffet catering for twenty people, an elegant weddings for hundreds, or even themed parties for even larger parties.    


Angelo has over 30 years of experience between catering for large events such as university graduations, weddings, corporate events, home parties, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and many more.  As a former server one of the finest hotels in downtown Chicago, The Drake Hotel, Angelo understands how customer service and delicious food makes an event more memorable.


Specialty Services

In addition to many standard offerings throughout this menu, please know that we also offer many supporting services.


Custom Order

Whether it is a special event or a business lunch meeting, A’s will be happy to assist you. We can beautifully arrange and garnish your menu on table-ready platters for an additional charge.  Please let us know how we can customize your order and we will exceed your expectations!